In this section, we present all primary essays, articles and publications directly describing the Mausoleum of Uljaiytu in Sultaniyya.

These will include the description of the mausoleum, its architectural and structural features, its interior decorations and calligraphic evidence, as well as essays related to the citadel of Sultaniyya and its urban development concepts.

Proper credit will always   be given to the authors. Some of the essays may have not been published in hard copy and this will present the first instance it is published and made available to the public via this site. Scholars quoting these articles are kindly requested to refer to the author and the web site as its first instance of publication.

By virtue of an all-inclusive policy, we shall include all information available and known to the administrators.  Thus, articles included may be both by well-known scholars as well as independent researchers.


“Large Scale Building Techniques in Ilkhanid Iran”

by Marco G. Brambilla

The following paper was first presented on 30 March-1 April 2012 at the


Architecture and Construction in the Pre-Modern World

at the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)

download complete essay here : part1 / part2 / part3 / part4

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