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The Mausoleum of Uljaiytu in Sultaniyya is certainly one of the most spectacular historical monuments of all times. Its importance as a world heritage site by Unesco was a long overdue recognition of this unique Il Khanid building.

The following information is provided to facilitate and encourage all those interested in visiting the mausoleum and to provide essential contact information and contact numbers.

Sultaniyya , now an independent township has a population of about 8000 people and is located 280 km north of Tehran, 40 km south of Zanjan, the capital of the Zanjan Province.

Several travel agencies provide tours from Teheran but  it can be reached  also by rented cars, public transportation and hired taxis. The average cost of a hired private car is 3000000 Rials, roughly 85 US dollars, 65 euros. the journey from Tehran will take about 3.5 hours.

Its climate is cold and is best visited from end of March through October. For updated weather information check ( ) The town of Sultaniyya provides budget accomodations, cafes and restaurants as well as a small number of souvenir shops.

Visiting hours vary from season to season so it is highly recommended that visitors check for current opening hours and days, as it may be closed on certain national and religious holidays.

( )is the website of the monument and usually has the most updated information. Visitors can also call the mausoleum’s main number ( +98242-5822630 & +98242-5823105 & +98242-5823277 & +98242-5822233 ) but as English speaking administrators may not be available at all times, it is suggested to have the hotel concierge contact the information line directly.

While visiting Sultaniyya it is suggested to allow sufficient time to visit other important Il Khanid monuments in the immediate vicinity. These can be all included in a day trip. Those allocating more time could also visit Zanjan, which with a population of almost 1 000 000 inhabitants has several historic sites, museums and a charming covered bazaar. The city provides a large number of hotels, restaurants and shops.

On the way back to Tehran , time permitting one could visit the charming city of Qazvin and the town of Abhar both historic sites with important mosques and other monuments.

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